ExternalDataSourceTableManager.<External source name>.<External data source table name>.FindByField


FindByField(<FieldName>, <AttributeValue>)


<FieldName> (required)

Type: String.
Field name by value of which the search is to be formed, as specified in the Designer. The type of value is any, except for ValueStorage and lines of any length.

<AttributeValue> (required)

Type: Arbitrary.
The field value by which the search is to be performed.

Returned value:

Type: ExternalDataSourceTableRef.
If there are no elements with the required field value, an empty reference will be returned.


Searches for an item by field value.


Server, thick client, external connection.


Available only for tables with ObjectData data type.
If there are several items with the specified field value, only one of them is found.
For attributes of the String type the search is executed by exact mapping.


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