AccumulationRegisterManager.<Accumulation register name>.RebuildAggregatesUsing


RebuildAggregatesUsing(<MaximumRelativeSize>, <MinimumEffect>)


<MaximumRelativeSize> (optional)

Type: Number.
Maximum total size of aggregates in percent of the register record table. If it is not specified or equal to zero, the aggregate size is unlimited.
Default value: 0.

<MinimumEffect> (optional)

Type: Number.
Percent value by which the old network effect is to be increased when rebuilding. If the new network increases the effect by <Minimum effect>%, the method really rebuilds the network.
If it is not specified or equal to zero, there are no requirements to the effect.
Default value: 0.

Returned value:

Type: Boolean.
True - the network is modified; False - otherwise.


Rebuilds the aggregate use.
The old network is rebuilt, if it is larger than the <MaximumRelativeSize> or if a network was built that is more efficient at least by the <MinimumEffect>.


Server, thick client, external connection.


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