SequenceManager.<Sequence name>.GetBounds


GetBounds(<ViewPoint>, <Filter>)


<ViewPoint> (required)

Type: String.
Names of sequence dimensions separated by commas, for which you need to get boundaries.

<Filter> (optional)

Type: ValueTable.
A set of combinations of dimension values that should be used to get boundaries. It is defined as a table of values that contains corresponding dimension values in its columns. The column names should be the same as the names of the sequence dimensions. If dimension values are not specified (no parameter), the sequence boundary is obtained for all dimension values.

Returned value:

Type: ValueTable.
A table of values that contains the boundary point in time in the first column and the dimension values of viewpoint that have been used for boundary selection in other columns.


Obtains the sequence boundaries from viewpoints of specified sequence dimensions with filtering by the given values of sequence dimensions.


Server, thick client, external connection, Mobile application (server).


Analyzes all boundaries, disregarding availability or unavailability of registered documents for these boundaries.


Filter = New ValueTable;
ViewPoint = "Article";
Sequence = Sequences.ArticlesRegistration;
Boundaries = Sequence.GetBounds(ViewPoint, Filter);


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