SequenceRecordSet.<Sequence name>.FillCheckProcessing


FillCheckProcessing(<Cancel>, <CheckedAttributes>)



Type: Boolean.
If this parameter is set to True in the body of the handler procedure, the work will not continue after performing the fill check.
Default value: False.


Type: Array.
Array of paths to attributes for which the fill check will be performed. The array can be modified by deleting or adding paths to necessary attributes.


Is called by a form extension when the fill checking is required for attributes on form write, and also on execution of CheckFilling method.
Allows the developer to implement fill checking in event handler on his own.
At the same time in this handler it is possible to completely refuse the system processing (by clearing the list of attributes to check), refuse th system check for part of attributes (by checking separate attributes in a special way and deleting them from the list), and also add other attributes to check from those for which check was not specified.
Procedure FillCheckProcessing(Cancel, CheckedAttributes)
// Inform the platform, that we process the attribute "Company" fill check by ourselves
Each Transaction In ThisObject Do
    IndexOf = ThisObject.IndexOf(Transaction)
Not ValueIsFilled(Transaction.Company) Then
        Message = New UserMessage();
        Message.Text = "In line " + IndexOf + " the Company is not specified";
        Message.Field = "[" + IndexOf + "].Company";
        Cancel = True;


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