DragCheck(<DragParameters>, <StandardProcessing>, <Row>, <Field>)



Type: DragParameters.
Contains the value being dragged, type of action, and possible actions during drag.


Type: Boolean.
This parameter passes a flag indicating whether standard (system) processing of the event is performed. If it is set to False in the body of the handler procedure, standard processing will not occur.
Default value: True.


Type: <Table row>, Undefined.
Table row which the cursor is located above.
The type of table row value is defined in descriptions of table box extensions for corresponding objects.
If the row is not defined (Undefined type), it means that the cursor is not placed over the cell. That case can be handled, for example, as custom insert of a new row.


Managed form control which the given table column is linked to.


Occurs when cursor moves in the target field.


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