XDTOFactory.Based on the type model


New XDTOFactory(<Model>, <Packages>)


<Model> (optional)

Type: XDTODataObject.
Model of the types for XDTO type factory formation.
The model is represented as an XDTO object of the XDTO type {http://v8.1c.ru/8.1/xdto}:Model.

<Packages> (optional)

Type: Array; XDTOPackageCollection.
Package collection for permitting import directives of XDTO types model.
If the model type contains type descriptions from the namespace present in the package collection, or import directive with a reference to the package in the collection, then this package will be placed to the factory instead of building a new one.


Creates XDTO type factory by XML type model. Types model is sent as XDTO object with XDTO type {http://v8.1c.ru/8.1/xdto}:Model.


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