ReadXML(<XMLReader>, <ValueType>)


<XMLReader> (required)

Type: DOMNodeReader, FastInfosetReader, XMLReader.
Object, through which XML is read.

<ValueType> (optional)

Type: Type.
A type for the value that should be read from XML.
If the type is not set, it attempts to define the type directly from XML presentation.
If the type is not set, and you cannot set it, or the read data do not match the type value, an exception is called.

Returned value:

Type: A value of the read type; Undefined.
Undefined - the XML being read is interpreted as Undefined during reading.


Reads a value in XML format. It can read those value types that can be written by the WriteXML method.


Thin client, server, thick client, external connection, Mobile application (client), Mobile application (server).


If a value of the specified type cannot be read from XML or has unsuitable XML presentation, an exception is called.


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