New WSProxy(<Definitions>, <ServiceNamespaceURI>, <ServiceName>, <EndpointName>, <InternetProxy>, <Timeout>, <SecureConnection>, <Location>, <UseOSAuthentication>)


<Definitions> (required)

Type: WSDefinitions.
Definitions of web services used for creation of this proxy.

<ServiceNamespaceURI> (required)

Type: String.
URI of the web service namespace accessed by this proxy.

<ServiceName> (required)

Type: String.
Name of the web service accessed by this proxy.

<EndpointName> (required)

Type: String.
Name of the endpoint accessed by this proxy.

<InternetProxy> (optional)

Type: InternetProxy.
It contains the object InternetProxy to establish HTTP connection with a web service by the object WSProxy,
If it is not specified, default proxy settings are used.
Default value: Undefined.

<Timeout> (optional)

Type: Number.
Defines timeout for connection and operations, performed by WSProxy object, in seconds.
0 - timeout is not set.
Default value: 0.

<SecureConnection> (optional)

Type: OpenSSLSecureConnection; Undefined.
Contains secure connection object for HTTPS connection with web-service.
Default value: Undefined.

<Location> (optional)

Type: String.
Allows to specify the actual service address.
If the parameter is not specified or an empty string is specified, the service address is selected from Location.
Default value: Undefined.

<UseOSAuthentication> (optional)

Type: Boolean.
Includes use of NTLM or Negotiate authorization on the server.
Default value: False.


Creates a proxy based on web service description and links it with the web service endpoint.


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