CreateNodeIterator(<Node>, <Filter>, <OverrideEntityReferences>)


<Node> (required)

Type: DOMDocument.
DOM node is starting node of the iterator.

<Filter> (optional)

Type: DOMNodeFilter.
DOM node filter. If not specified, all nodes will be iterated.

<OverrideEntityReferences> (optional)

Type: Boolean.
Flag for overriding DOM entities references. True - during entity reference node override, entity content node override will take place, otherwise the override will not take place.
Default value: True.

Returned value:

Type: DOMNodeIterator.


It creates a new iterator for DOM document sub-tree, starting from specified node. When created, the iterator is set to a position before the specified node.
The method corresponds to the NodeIterator interface of W3C standard (for details see


Server, thick client, external connection, Mobile application (server).


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