Auto grouping field. Prior to use it is converted into a set of grouping fields. The set is formed in the following way: System selects selected fields which are in use and:available for use in grouping fields;
are not resources;
are not other selected fields' properties;
are not existing grouping fields properties.If the field is already included in these grouping fields, it is not added for a second time.
If one element of the settings structure contains DataCompositionAutoGroupField, DataCompositionAutoSelectedField and DataCompositionAutoOrderItem, they are converted in the following order:
1. DataCompositionAutoGroupField;
2. DataCompositionAutoSelectedField;
3. DataCompositionAutoOrderItem.


Thin client, web-client, server, thick client, external connection.
The given object may be serialized to/from XML. Can be used in attributes of managed form. The given object may be serialized to/from XDTO. The XDTO type correspoding to this object is defined in {} namespace. XDTO type name: GroupItemAuto.


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