Automatic order item. Prior to use it will be converted into a set of order items.
From the global ordering - resources will be added unconditionally, and from fields-not resources will be added fields, which are properties of grouping field and the grouping field itself (for detail records all fields will be added). Grouping fields, which weren't indicated in global orgering, will get into the order's ending.
If the field is already included in this order, it is not added for the second time.
If one element of the settings structure contains DataCompositionAutoGroupField, DataCompositionAutoSelectedField and DataCompositionAutoOrderItem, they are converted in the following order:
1. DataCompositionAutoGroupField;
2. DataCompositionAutoSelectedField;
3. DataCompositionAutoOrderItem.


Thin client, web-client, server, thick client, external connection.
The given object may be serialized to/from XML. Can be used in attributes of managed form. The given object may be serialized to/from XDTO. The XDTO type correspoding to this object is defined in {} namespace. XDTO type name: OrderItemAuto.


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