Message Window

The message window either appears when the user saves without filling in a required field or is generated by the program.

Double-clicking will open a special window with the cursor on the field which was not filled correctly. If the message is not related to any specific field, a standard warning will be displayed.

If a message is related to an attribute of another infobase object, the form of this object will open and a message with the cursor at the specific field will be displayed in this window.

When messages are displayed for the user in the form that are related to rows of tabular sections, if rows are reordered or deleted upon message activation, the message is displayed in the row where it was initially displayed in the form. If a row is deleted, the message is displayed near the form element that displays tabular section.

When you are saving or posting a document, the message window is cleared and filled with new messages generated during the selected action.

Messages that appear while performing an action do not let the window related to the messages close. Therefore, for example, if a message appears while pressing Post and Close in the document form, the form will not close.

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