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Customizing 1C:Enterprise applications


The demand for software customization (modification for specific user needs) is as old as the first invented software. It is virtually impossible to write an application that suits the specific needs of all users. Thus, adding the option to customize an application without developer assistance is an idea whose time has come. And it shines in business applications because business processes can significantly differ even in enterprises that belong within the same field of business.

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Improvements for the opened items panel

Released in 1C:Enterprise 8.3.10

We have changed the design of the opened items panel and extend its functionality.

Now it looks neater and takes up less space. At the same time its descriptiveness is not diminished. Along with this, the panel has set of new features that should make it easier to work with a large number of open windows.

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How to debug a solution on mobile 1C:Enterprise platform

Setting up and connecting the debugger for debugging configurations on the mobile platform.


This was my first experience with the new debugging mechanism, which first appeared on the platform 8.3.7 (debug via HTTP).

What we need for this exercise:

  • Desktop platform 1C:Enterprise 8.3 (
  • Mobile Platform (beta)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard + Apache 2.2
  • Android 6.0.1 (Sony Z5 compact)

Note. For the purity of the experiment, I always recommend using a clean server with a static external IP. For example, Amazon Cloud (AWS) or Microsoft Azure Cloud provide you new server in minutes that is ideal for testing. It will cost you no more than $10-20.

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Interface usability in 1C Enterprise platform 8.3.8 and 8.3.9

We have prepared a number of changes that should make the interface 1C:Enterprise more convenient and enhance its usability. It is known that the user experience is affected not only the big, fundamental solutions, but also a significant number of “little things”, which constantly faces the user. In versions 8.3.8 and 8.3.9, we decided to collect some “inconvenient trifles”, and improve it work.

The width of the drop-down list of the input field

Implemented in version
Previously, the width of the drop-down list of the input field was constant and didn’t change during operation. When you know that the representation of the elements will be too long, you can set the desired width of the list using the properties DropListWidth. For example, Customers catalog or any other list with fixed description width.
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We have implemented a completely new mechanism to adopt solutions for specific customer – mechanism of extensions.

Why extensions are good?

The extensions provide new strategy to change standard configurations. The use of this new strategy will significantly facilitate maintenance of standard solutions which you want to adopt for the needs of specific deployment, specific customer.
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New functions to work with strings

Released in 1C:Enterprise 8.3.6.
We have extended a set of functions designed to work with strings. We have done this in order to give you more advanced tools to parse string data. New functions will be convenient and useful in technological tasks of text analyzing. In the tasks associated with text parsing which that contains data in a formatted form. It can be the analysis of some files received from hardware or, for example, the analysis of technical journal.
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JSON in 1C:Enterprise 8.3.6

Publications: JSON in 1C:Enterprise 8.3.6JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a text format of data exchange which is widely used in the web-applications. Compared with XML, it is more compact and occupies less space. In addition, all the browsers have the built-in tools to work with JSON.
The necessity to work with this format at the platform level is caused not only by the fact that this is a «fashionable modern» format which the application solutions of 1С:Enterprise can use by themselves for integration with third-party applications. Another reason is that JSON is widely used in the HTTP interfaces. And 1С:Enterprise just has such mechanisms in which you want to use this format. These are the application REST interface automatically generated by the platform and the HTTP-services which you can create by yourself.
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Receiving dynamic list data

Publications: Receiving dynamic list dataReleased in 1C:Enterprise 8.3.6.
We have implemented an ability to receive simply and conveniently data displayed using the dynamic list.
Dynamic list data can be useful for you in order to print them in non-standard, “specific” form. Or in order to perform some actions with them. For example, to send a letter for all contractors you have selected in the list according to some attributes.
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