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Meeting of Developer and Users

Publications: Meeting of Developer and Users
On Tuesday Mr. Smith attended the meeting. They took out his brain, laid it out on saucers and started eating, licking their lips and savouring it in every possible way. Mr. Rabbite, Smith’s boss, prudently gave them all teaspoons. And the show began.

“Dear colleagues!” Mrs. Carrots said, “our company has a large-scale task. We’ve got a project to implement, which involves drawing some red lines. Can you take on this task?”

“Of course,” Rabbite said. He was the CEO, and he had been always ready to accept any task that a member of his staff would have to take on. However, he immediately asked: “We can do it, right?”
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Screw loose

Publications: Screw loose
What a pleasure to talk about what a wonderful system was implemented, how the costs were reduced, how equipment was modernized or what a cool server room was built. It’s nice when the big bosses com to cut the ribbons and many talk about everything. It’s nice when the news about this is printed in newspapers. It’s nice, incredible, amazing, surprising.
But we are living in Russia – we are not looking for easy ways. Maybe in other countries as well as with us, but maybe not – I don’t know, I didn’t see, didn’t implement. But I have seen a lot of different companies in Russia from inside. Here on such case will be discussed.
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Analogy of the processes for creation of the information system and home

Joke with grain of truth 🙂 Grain of truth - 99%.
Whom is this article for?

  • For those who are planning to deploy the program or create an information system
  • Adjusted to the small and medium-sized organizations as well as the 1С:Enterprise programs with their phenomenal versatility and terrible complexity for the users

What unites the concepts «information system» and «home»?

  • Both these concepts are the technical system of different elements interaction.
  • Both these systems are managed by the similar laws and formulas.

What is the difference?
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