Test Drive 1C:Enterprise Platform With YOUR Data

Free Test Drive 1C:Enterprise Platform.

Your employees still handle tedious, routine operational tasks in your firm?
You do not want to work with ERP software from Oracle, SAP, Microsoft or IBM because it's too expensive?
By taking advantage of what new technology offers, your firm can save money and stay profitable.

1C:Enterprise is a universal cloud and on-premise system of programs for automating a company’s financial and wider operational activities. 1C:Enterprise has the breadth of capability to address the diverse needs of today’s business. This is achieved through "configurability" – the ability to customize the system based on the specific needs of companies and their business processes.

Usually the total cost of ownership of 1C: Enterprise is 10 times less expensive than other "big" software solutions.
Millions customers can't be wrong!

One of the best ways to see if the solution can solve your biggest challenges is to take a test drive with YOUR data. This will allow you to test the 1C:Enterprise platform with familiar data and insure that it will be a good fit for your organization.

Be sure we also help you uploading the data to make sure it’s configured correctly from the start. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to set things up wrong and then not know why, immediately making your experience more difficult than necessary. We will be happy to help you set things up.

Determine your needs, ask the right questions and then take the 1C:Enterprise for a test drive with your data. Because a ERP platforms is something you and your organization should expect to live with for a long time, investing a little effort at the beginning will pay big dividends in the long run.

3 simple steps to take a test drive 1C:Enterprise for free.

  1. determine your business needs - business processes that you want to automate and goals that you want achieve;
  2. prepare examples of data for import in 1C;
  3. send your request on info@yellow-erp.com!

One of our friendly professionals will contact you shortly after you will send your request to better understand your needs.
We will prepare all we need and take you through a custom demo that’s geared towards your specific questions and concerns.

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