Editing data in external data sources

We have implemented the ability to add, modify and delete data in external sources. We need immediately to mention that we have created this mechanism to solve the problems of integration with other applications. Do not try to use it for replacing the «platform» mechanism of data storage in 1C applied solution.
You can edit the data both in software and interactively. In most cases, you do not need to program anything. Everything will work interactively, automatically, as well as, for example, when adding, deleting or modifying the catalogs and documents.
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Publications: HTTP-services in application solution
In addition to automatic REST interface in 1C:Enterprise platform, we have implemented the ability to create our own arbitrary HTTP-services.
You can generate a response to the request yourself using the script. In this case, you have convenient access to the body, headers and line of original request, as well as you can generate the code, body and headers of response on your own.
Compared with the existing platform SOAP web-services, HTTP-services have several advantages:

  • Easy to program the client of such services;
  • Potentially a smaller amount of transferred data;
  • Potentially lower computational load;
  • HTTP-services are focused on the «resources», while SOAP services are focused on the «actions».

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