Property palette and object editor window

Property palette

The property palette is intended for editing configuration object properties.

The property palette is a window that lists a set of configuration object properties.

To open the property palette, click a configuration object and then, on the main menu, point to Edit and click Properties.

The object properties are grouped by category in the palette. The number of categories and the set of properties in each category depend on the object type.

The set of properties might vary depending on the values chosen for some properties.

The categories can be split into tabs or displayed as a single list. When displayed as a list, the properties can be listed either by category or alphabetically (in the latter case, the category names are not shown).

Each property in the palette has a name and a detailed description. To show or hide descriptions, right-click in any empty area of the property palette window and then click Comment. The descriptions are displayed at the bottom of the property palette. In addition to the description, property names as they appear in 1C:Enterprise script can be displayed. These name are used to access property values from 1C:Enterprise script modules.
For properties that can be read or changed using 1C:Enterprise script, you can switch to the property description in the Syntax Assistant by right-clicking the property and then clicking Help. This menu item is not available if the property cannot be accessed from 1C:Enterprise script.
You can open the More window for a property by right-clicking it and then clicking More.

The property palette might contain links that open various forms related to the object, such as its help topic, help topics of its forms or form module procedures. These links are underlined, like in the following example: Open.

Object editor window

Major types of configuration objects (catalogs, documents, journals, and so on) have object editor windows, which are intended for editing their properties, lists of subordinate objects, and object interaction rules.

The object editor window is automatically opened when you create an object.

To open the editor window for an existing object, select an object in the Configuration window and then click Actions - Change.

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