User work history

1C:Enterprise stores user work history that provides quick access to infobase objects (documents, list items, and so on) that were recently created or updated.

When an object is created or updated interactively, the platform records this operation to the history.

The history panel contains hyperlinks to forms, sorted by their opening time. Clicking a history item opens the object form.

Clicking the history panel title or the icon in the title opens the history form.

History items are grouped by date. If a form is opened repeatedly on different days, a link to the form is available in each day section. Links to forms are not repeated within a day, and each link includes the latest form opening time.
If a history item is includes in favorites, it is marked with a star. Clicking the star adds or removes the item to or from favorites.

Searching history

To search the history, you can use the search field, or click Ctrl+F, or start typing the search string. Once you start typing, the list of history items is filtered, leaving only items that contain the typed fragment, and these fragments are highlighted. While the search is active, items are not grouped by days. Instead, the date and time are displayed next to each item. To cancel the search and return to the full list of history items, clear the search string.

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