Command Interface Settings

Changing settings is possible if the user has the Saving user data right.
This feature allows the end user to set up the default application window's command interface, including:

  • Sections panel – contains the list of commands for navigating to the top-level subsystems.
  • Navigation panel – contains commands for navigating to the forms (lists, reports etc.) and subordinate subsystems. The commands are arranged in predefined (default) groups:
    • Important
    • Regular
    • See also
  • Actions panel – contains commands for opening new object forms ("Add" default group), opening reports ("Reports" default group), and calling data processors ("Tools" default group).

A user can toggle visibility of available commands and reorder them.

The commands' availability to a user is defined by the user's rights and functional options set by the system administrator.

If a user has no access to a particular command interface item or this item is related to a functional option disabled by the administrator, the user will not be able to enable the command connected to this item.

To open a user settings dialog, use commands from the View menu.

A user can also open the settings window for each panel from its context menu.

The dialog contains a list of commands that can be dragged or moved using the Up — Down buttons.

Visibility of commands is set up using check boxes next to their names in the list.

The settings are applied either when the dialog is closed by clicking OK or when the Apply command is used. This saves the settings in the infobase so they can be used later to display the appropriate command interface.

During the setup, a user can cancel the changes made in this session or earlier and reset the configuration settings. To do so, from All actions select Set standard settings. This command does not change the command interface immediately. After executing this command you can continue with the setup. The settings are applied only after clicking OK.

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