Editing Information Register

The information register is mainly intended to store information relevant for an application task with such information including a specific combination of values and expanded over time if required.

Information registers with information expanded over time are referred to as periodic.

For periodic information registers the following standard operations are supported: getting the latest or the earliest value (e.g. getting the last entered price for a specific product and a specific competitor) as well as obtaining a slice of the latest or the earliest values. For example, all the recently entered prices for various products and competitors can be retrieved.

Information register properties

In addition to shared properties inherent in all metadata objects, information registers possess some specific properties.

An information register is edited in an editing window.

This property is intended to specify how frequently the register should save resource values.
The property determines if values of the register resources can be retrieved using 1C:Enterprise script methods.
For a non-periodic register it is only possible to retrieve the last entered value of the register resources.
For periodic registers it is impossible to retrieve a value with periodicity lower than that of the register.
Periodicity does not depend on register editing method.

Write mode

The property determines how records will be added to the register: manually or via documents.
Major record and list forms
A group of controls makes it possible to specify which forms will be used as default forms to view record set and to edit individual records of information register respectively.
Information register record edit method


Specifies the method to edit a record.
Information register record can be edited by a user either only in the list of register records, or only in the register record form. Alternatively, edit method can be selected by a user while working with a catalog.

Allow totals: section of first - if checked, when data of the information register record set are updated, records of the totals table for the section of first will be updated as well.
Allow totals: section of last - if checked, when data of the information register record set are updated, records of the totals table for the section of last will be updated as well.
The properties are only available for periodic information registers!

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