Dumping configurations to files

To dump a configuration to a set of files, on the Configuration menu, click Dump configuration to files.

Then, in the Directory field, specify the dump directory.

In the format pane, specify the dump file structure:

  • Hierarchical. Create a directory structure that matches the configuration object structure in the dump directory.
  • Flat. Dump all configuration files to a single directory.

You can dump a configuration using the /DumpConfigToFiles command-line option.

Configuration object name limitations
  • Metadata object names cannot exceed 80 characters.
  • When you dump a configuration created using 1C:Enterprise version 8.3.6 or earlier, an object name length warning is displayed.
"Subsystem" configuration object limitations

Full paths to objects that belong to subsystems cannot exceed 255 characters. To ensure that your objects fit the limitation, consider the following:

  • Do not use more than 3 levels of nested subsystems (that is, a main subsystem and two nested ones).
  • If you need to use more than 3 levels of nested subsystems, use as short subsystem names as possible.
Dump directory path limitations
  • It is recommended that the path to the root dump directory does not exceed 30 characters.

Attention! If an object cannot be dumped due to exceeding the path length limit, this generates an exception.

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