Mobile Application Publishing Setup

To open publishing form, use Configuration Mobile application Publish... command (to execute publishing) or Configuration Mobile application Update published application (if the mobile application has not been previously published).

Create virtual directory on web server - if checked, the application will be published on a web server (virtual directory is created); to do so, you will need to specify:

Name — virtual directory name;

Web server — web server is selected. For an IIS web server you can specify that NTLM authentication should be used;

If not checked, the fields Name and Web server are not available.

Directory — name of the directory to store the publication;

Update mobile application when a database configuration is updated - if checked, mobile application will be updated automatically upon database configuration update.

When you click Publish:

  • a directory is created on the web server (provided that the required option is checked);
  • a directory is created on disk;
  • user is prompted to locate the mobile application in this directory;
  • it is checked if the infobase configuration is updated;
  • if the infobase configuration is not updated, user is prompted to update it;
  • infobase verification;
  • if no errors are detected, the infobase configuration is dumped into a mobile application; if some errors are found, no dump is executed.

The Disconnect button cancels publishing: removes the directory from the web server.

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