Support rules setup

To set up support rules go to the support setup dialog and press the "Enable modification" button.

Setting user rights is performed in this dialog.

It is not allowed to modify vendor support rules. You can modify only user rules (if the configuration is not fully supported).

If vendor disabled editing then it is not allowed to change ruled for the specific object. You have to cancel support for the entire configuration.

Choose the required user rule from the following:

  • Vendor object changes not allowed.
  • Venfor object changes allowed w/o breaking support.
  • Support cancelled for vendor objects.

Availability of rules is specified by the vendor support rule.

If the Editable vendor support rule is set, then you can set any vendor rule.
If the Not recommended to edit object vendor support rule is set, then it is allowed to set any vendor rule, but warning message is displayed when this rule is modified.

If the Object not editable vendor support rule is set, then you can not set vendor rules.

Important! When the Support cancelled for vendor object user rule is set, it is not allowed to "return" the Object not editable rule back.

If selected object contains subordinated objects, then select  the Apply to all subordinate objects checkbox to change support rules for these objects at the same time.

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