Table Resources Template Editing

To open the dialog, in the report data composition schema go to the Templates tab, click Add and select Add Resources Template as the template type. The table resources template editor is displayed.

Use the form to specify the groupings that will define the template as an intersection of areas. The first grouping describes the row grouping while the second one is intended for column grouping. The manner of description is similar for both templates.

You can create any template based on an existing grouping (select Grouping name with the control available and select its name in the list), or based on a grouping field (select Grouping Fields with the control available and create a description for the grouping).
If Grouping name is selected, the selection list for the groupings only includes those groupings that are defined in the settings (the Settings tab of the data composition schema wizard) and have names specified (to specify a name, go to the Settings tab, select the required grouping and use Set name from the context menu).

To add grouping fields, click Add and select the field from the list of available fields. Click OK. The field is now added to the list of grouping fields. To edit the field, click Change current item and select another field. To remove a field, click Delete Current. You can also add a new field by copying an existing one.

Select template type: Header, Footer, Hierarchy header, Hierarchy footer, Overall header or Overall footer.

To complete generating the list of grouping fields, click OK.

The list of templates now includes a new template a tabular area should be specified for.

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