List of breakpoints

To open the breakpoint list, use Debug - Breakpoint list menu item.

The table box displays all breakpoints, both for the configuration modules and for the external report and data processor modules. For external reports and data processors, breakpoints are displayed even if they were closed.

In the On/off column, selected checkbox means that the current breakpoint is active. For ordinary breakpoints, execution stops when control reaches this line of code. For conditional breakpoints, execution stops if the expression evaluates to true. If the box is unchecked, the breakpoint has no effect on the debugging process.

Module name column contains the name of the module in which the breakpoint is set. It is represented as a path to the module including the breakpoint. For open external reports and data processors, the path is displayed as a path to the form module, and for closed reports and data processors - as a path to the file name.

Line column contains the number of the line where the breakpoint is set.

Condition column contains the condition of triggering the conditional breakpoint. Condition expression may be changed directly in the table box cell, if necessary.

To go to the line with breakpoint, specify line associated with the breakpoint in the table, and click Open source text button. The dialog closes, opening the module where the breakpoint is set. Cursor is placed at the beginning of the specified line.

You can use Enable all breakpoints and Disable all breakpoints buttons to manage all breakpoints. Use Clear breakpoint or Clear all breakpoints button to remove the current breakpoint or all breakpoints, respectively.

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