Use this tab to specify the debug protocol and other debug settings.

The Debug protocol parameter defines the protocol used for debugging: TCP/IP or HTTP. The default value is Debug over TCP/IP.

Changing the protocol requires restarting Designer. The debug protocol value is stored between the sessions on a local computer for each infobase.

If you select Debug over HTTP, you can debug any number of debug items from different infobases in a single debug server. The debugger and debug items on the debug server are mapped by infobase name:

  • For server infobases, their 1C:Enterprise cluster names are used.
  • For file infobases, names are not used. You can use a debug server for managing debug operations with one infobase at a time (with multiple debug items). If you use two Designers for debugging file infobases, a dedicated debug server is created for each infobase.

You can specify the debug server and the infobase name for a server infobase.

Debug server

Use local debug server. Start a local debug server on Designer startup and close the debug server when Designer is closed.

Local NIC address. Address of the local interface card used by the debug server.

Port ranges. Debug server port ranges. The server selects a free port from these ranges during its startup. For example, you can enter "1560-1591" as a port range.

Use remote debug server. Establish connection to a remote debug server on Designer startup. Closing Designer does not stop the debug server.

Remote debug server address. Address of the remote debug server to be used in Designer.

Use cluster debug server. Use a debug server running in a 1C:Enterprise cluster as a remote debug server. This option is available for client/server infobases.

Infobase name

Use this pane to specify the infobase name that debugger uses for registering at the debug server. This is required for debugging debug items belonging to a server infobase when the infobase is not open in Designer but its name and debug server are known.

Default. Use the name of the infobase currently open in Designer:

  • For file infobases, it is always "File infobase"
  • For client/server infobases, it is the infobase name in the cluster

Specify infobase name. Use the name specified in the Infobase name parameter for registering at the debug server. You can use this option for debugging a server infobase if you have another server infobase with the same configuration open in Designer.

To apply the specified settings, restart Designer.

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