Local variables

The window contains the list of local variables and their values.

Local variables
are variables belonging to procedures or functions at the current call stack level.

The list of local variables is generated based on a debug item.

Use the context menu to manage the local variable values.
You can edit values of Number type using a calculator available by clicking the Select button in the second column.

You can specify values of the following types interactively: Number, String, Date, Boolean, and Undefined.

You can also specify a value by providing an expression whose result is assigned to the original expression. To enter an expression, use the Set expression as a value command. You can enter any 1C:Enterprise script expression that is acceptable as a right part of an assignment statement at the current script execution point. The expression can include local variables and properties.

To copy the evaluation result to the clipboard, right-click the result and then click Copy Result.

If the values included in the formulas change, refreshing the result is required. Right-click the result and then click Recalculate or Recalculate All.

You can export the list of local variables to a text or spreadsheet document.

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