Configuration Repository

The method of group configuration development is intended to reduce errors, increase performance and facilitate the development process.

The term "group development" refers to the process whereby configuration changes are performed by a group of users (developers) working simultaneously. In the group development environment, a configuration object can be modified only by a developer who has "locked" this object prior to modification.

A Repository is created for group development purposes in a shared folder (shared network resource). The Designer puts the configuration into this Repository. After the Repository is created, a Repository Administrator is appointed. The Repository Administrator is responsible for creating a list of users who can access the Repository. Administrative permissions can be assigned to other users as well.

In the group development environment the configuration is treated as a set of objects blocked with respect to changes. To modify an object it is necessary to "lock" it. An object can be locked only by one user at a time. A user may lock any number of objects that are not locked by other users.

If any locked objects are modified, it is possible to store the results of modification in the Repository. On the other hand, if any unlocked objects are modified, it is possible to get update of these objects as soon as they are stored in the Configuration Repository by the user who made the modification.

Configuration objects are closely interrelated. In this way, the Configuration Repository ensures metadata integrity when the objects are locked or stored in the Repository.

When objects are stored in the Repository, a modification version is created. The Repository supports viewing and maintaining of the Repository history. Each object modification can be viewed, compared to the current state, or retrieved from the Repository. The "old" versions can be compared to each other as well.

It is possible to perform certain operations in the Repository without binding to the Repository. (Using Connect to Repository mode). All operations related to viewing Repository data or comparing objects and configurations, and all Depot administration options (for users with administrative permissions) are available in this mode. Actions related to retrieving objects from the Repository are not available. If the configuration is not connected to the Repository, connection with the Repository must be established. To do this, select any available object from the "Configuration - Configuration Repository" group.


In this way, the group development method ensures synchronization of configuration modifications by a group of developers.

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