License acquisition

A software license is required to use 1C:Enterprise 8 without a dongle.

If a dongle is not included in the distribution kit, you have to acquire a software license from 1C:Licensing Center.

During the first start of 1C:Enterprise 8 (in Designer, thick client, or thin client modes), if no dongle is found, you are prompted to acquire a software license. If you confirm the acquisition, this window is displayed.

You can also open the license acquisition window in Designer mode by selection Tools - License acquisition on the main menu.

If a license for all computer users is not available, a warning message is displayed. To continue license acquisition for the operating system user on whose behalf 1C:Enterprise is running, click Acquire for the current user. To cancel license acquisition, click Cancel license acquisition.

In some cases you can acquire the same license as you acquired earlier or update your license (see the documentation for details).

To acquire a license, you will need a registration number and a PIN code (a set of PIN codes is provided with the digital copy of 1C:Enterprise, or can be found in a sealed envelope included in the distribution kit).

The license acquisition consists of several steps. To proceed to the next step, click Next. To return to the previous step, click Back. You can return from any step to any previous one.

All available options are accompanied by detailed descriptions.

Attention! Depending on the data that you enter, individual steps can be skipped or you will be taken to a different branch.

At the first step, select the action type:

Acquire a license - license acquisition at the first start, or license restoration (either a license update or the acquisition of the same license as you acquired earlier).

Specify license details file - license acquisition by email or using an external medium. This action continues a license acquisition procedure if it is impossible to acquire the license automatically or use the manual mode (see below).

If you select Acquire a license, at the next step you have to enter the kit number and the PIN code (and for license restoration you have to enter the last used PIN code).

Attention! If you are going to acquire a 5-, 10-, or 20-user license, read important information about the PIN code set selection by clicking the Attention!... link.

To specify license acquisition mode, click Advanced settings. The window displays additional parameters:

Install the license on the server - if you select the check box, the acquired license will be stored to the specified server.

Server - server name;

Port - server port number.

Automatic acquisition - if you select the check box, the license will be acquired automatically (Internet connection is required).

At the next step, select the operation type:

First-time registration - the license was never acquired before.

License recovery - the license was acquired earlier but then the computer configuration or its part was modified, or the operating system was changed, or 1C:Enterprise cannot be started (for example, because the previously acquired license file is missing).

If you select First-time registration, next you will have to enter the license owner data. After filling the fields, select the I am aware that license recovery procedure will require re-entering this data with absolute accuracy check box. Then the Next button becomes available. It is recommended that you save the entered data by clicking Save data. This opens the dialog box for saving the file that will store the data.

If the license is not acquired for any reason, a brief error description is displayed. Clicking View error description displays a detailed description for support specialists. To try another license acquisition method, click Select another license acquisition method.

If you select License recovery, at the next step you will be able to re-acquire the lost license (select the I am sure the key computer parameters have not been changed check box) or update your license after the modification of computer parameters. The PIN code currently in use box displays the last used PIN code. For license update, the Extra PIN code check box becomes available. In this box, enter any of the PIN codes that have not yet been used. At the next step, personal data entered during the acquisition of the previous license is verified.

If you select the automatic acquisition mode, at the next step the availability of new license acquisition is checked and if it is possible, the license is acquired and saved to the user computer or server.

Automatic acquisition is possible if an Internet connection and the Licensing Center are available. To acquire a license, click Next. 1C:Enterprise will gather the required data, submit it to the Licensing Center, acquire a license, and save it to the user computer or to the server. The corresponding message will be displayed and the license acquisition window will proceed to its final step. To close it, click Finish.

If automatic mode is not available (or no Internet connection is available), at the next step select the license acquisition method.

Automatically - use this method if the Internet connection is restored.

Manually (using a file) - use this method if you can send the license owner and computer data over the Internet by email or upload it on the Licensing Center web page.

By phone - this license acquisition method involves a Licensing Center operator.

If the software license was initially acquired online or using a file, it can only be re-acquired or updated using the same method.
If the license was initially acquired by phone, it can only be re-acquired or updated using the same method.

If you select Manually (using a file), at the next step the sequence of actions is displayed: first you need to save the license owner and computer data to a file, and then send it to the Licensing Center. At this step you can close the window and open it again when you get your reply from the Licensing Center.

A Licensing Center web page is intended to acquire software licenses on electronic media. The Licensing Center web page is available at

The idea is to submit a license request file (generated using this window) to the Licensing Center and receive the license data file in return.

Click Browse for the license request file and browse to the prepared file.

If you select the license request file correctly, the Save license data file button will be displayed.

After you click this button, you will be prompted to select a directory and file name to store the license data provided by the Licensing Center.

Copy the license data file to a computer with 1C:Enterprise 8 and specify it on the License registration page (step 3: open the license file).

Next (after you return to the license acquisition window), proceed to the License registration step and click Open to open the license file. 

If you select By phone, the next steps include the following: call a Licensing Center operator, read the codes from step 2 (and verify the checksum), and then enter the response (and verify the checksums).

When you proceed to the next step, the license is installed to the user computer or to the specified server and the license acquisition window moves you to the final step. To close the window, click Finish.

Specifics of using terminal sessions

When Designer, thick client, thin client, or an external connection is started in a Windows terminal session, a single terminal session is considered to be a single user computer. For example, when you install a multiuser license for 5 users on a terminal server, you can only start the thick client, thin client, or external connection simultaneously within a maximum of 5 terminal sessions. You can also start Designer simultaneously in a maximum of 5 terminal sessions.

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