1C:Enterprise includes a built-in calendar. You can open it in any application mode by selecting Tools - Calendar.

You can also use the calendar to enter values for attributes of Date type.

The calendar window displays the calendar for the current month. The month and year are displayed at the top of the window. The next line contains the days of the week. The current date is marked with the red border. Clicking a day selects it. The selected day is displayed at the bottom of the window.

Switching to the previous month
Click the < button to the left of the month name.
Switching to the next month
Click the > button to the right of the month name.
Changing the year
Click the << button (previous year) or the >> button (next year).
Quick selection of the current date, beginning or end of month, or beginning or end of year
Click the arrow button at the bottom right part of the window, and then click one of the list items.

If you move the pointer over the line that displays the month and the year and then hold down the left mouse button, the list of months is displayed. Scroll the list by moving the pointer up or down, then click a month to select it.

You can drag the calendar to anywhere on the screen or resize it. As the window size increases, additional calendars appear in the window.

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