The calculator can be used to perform any arithmetic operations, calculate percentages and reciprocal values, save numbers, and add or subtract saved values.

This calculator resembles its real-life counterpart and is quite intuitive.

1C:Enterprise calculator has some specific features:

The calculator can save the last 15 calculations. To view the result of any calculation, press the button located to the right of the display and choose the required calculation.
The calculator has 10 memory registers to save values and use them during calculations. MS, MR, M+, M- and MC buttons operate the first register.

Press MS button to save calculation results in the first register. Saved value appears in the Immediate window (to the right of M= label). Press MR button to read saved value from the first register to the display. Press M+ button to add the value saved in the first register to the calculation result, or M- button to subtract the value saved in the first register from the calculation result. MC button clears the contents of the first register.

To save a number to another register, get the number to the display (by typing or calculating), and press the button located near the MS button. Point to the required register.

To extract number from a register, press the button located next to the MR, M+ or M- button, depending on the action type, and select the register. A similar procedure is used to clear register (MC button).
Calculator may operate in the Microcalculator mode in which operands and actions are typed in the Immediate window. Result of each action appears immediately after entering this action.

In the 1C:Enterprise mode, the calculator may operate in the Formula calculator mode, in which all actions are entered in the Immediate window sequentially. To switch to this mode, click the "Menu" button and select "Formula calculator". To build a specific action sequence or enter complex expressions, use parentheses.

To adjust precision of the calculator, click "Menu" button and select "Settings". Settings dialog appears, allowing to specify the number of decimal places.

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