Input generate wizard

You can open the Enter Generate wizard in the configuration object editing window or by using a configuration object's context menu in the Configuration window.

The "Generate" wizard makes it easier to develop the procedure by which a new object will be created.

In the upper part you will see a list of base objects and a list of attributes for the base object selected in the first list.

In the lower part a list of attributes for the resulting object will display.

In the object's attribute list you must add formulas to specify how the document's attributes will be filled from the selected attributes for the base object.

You can create these formulas manually as follows. Define a formula in the Attribute Entry Formula text box for the object attribute highlighted in the list. You can type it manually in this box, or manually edit an existing formula there. The wizard will not verify the formula's accuracy.

If you click the Fill Expression button, after a query and a confirmation the program will create formulas for automatic filling of attributes from those of the base object itself. Automatic completion will not change the existing complete formulas. The document's attributes will be matched with base object attributes according to the attributes' names, IDs, and types.

If you click the Clear Expression button, all formulas, whether automatically or manually created, will be cleared after a query and a confirmation.

When formulas are created for a base object selected from the base-object list, they are retained in memory when a different base object is selected. Thus you can develop "Generate" procedures for several base documents without quitting the wizard.

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