Temporary Lock

Temporary lock mode is intended to prevent unauthorized use of the 1C:Enterprise system when the user is absent.

Often, a specific configuration relies on the log in name of a user to identify document authorship. Frequently, a user is responsible for his or her actions. Hence it is important that no one should be able to perform any actions during a session “in someone else's name.” On the other hand, if a user has to leave the computer, it is not always convenient to log off and log in the system again every time. In this case, a temporary lock can be used.

Important! Temporary lock mode makes sense only when the user has a password assigned.

To enter temporary lock mode, select Tools - Temporary lock menu item. The 1C:Enterprise application window is collapsed.

To resume work, you should click the application shortcut. This will display a dialog to enter your password. You should only enter the same password that you used when the system was initially launched.

If no password was specified for the current user, no password is entered here.

When a correct password is entered, the system becomes available for work.


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