Filter by Subsystems

To view configuration objects that apply to a specific set of subsystems, you can set up a filter to select objects by subsystem in the Configuration window.

In the Configuration window select the Actions - By subsystems menu item. Select the required set of subsystems.

You can select multiple subsystems. If a selected subsystem has child subsystems, you can include all the objects of this subsystem by checking this branch and also checking Include objects from subordinate subsystems attribute in the dialog.

If the selected subsystem is not at the top level, you can include objects that belong to higher-level subsystems by checking Include objects from parent subsystems attribute in the dialog box.

The subsystem tree includes a line reading <Not included in subsystems>. When you check this line, the filter will include those metadata objects that don't have a subsystem specified.

To disable filter by subsystems, open this dialog and click Disable.

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