Edit User Parameters

User dialog box contains all properties of the user selected in the user list, and allows to edit them. Properties are grouped into two tabs.

General tab

Contains the following user properties:

Name. Short user name. It should consist of a single word and be unique within this infobase. This name is typed when starting 1C:Enterprise in the User Authentication dialog box.

Full name. Any information about the user which may be useful when viewing the user list. Used only to display users.

1C:Enterprise Authentication. User authentication in 1C:Enterprise requires you to enter the user name and password (in the authentication dialog, in the command line, or in the COM server connection string).

Password. User password for authentication. Used when 1C:Enterprise Authentication is enabled.

Confirm Password. User password for authentication. User needs to type the same password twice in order to prevent typos. Used when 1C:Enterprise Authentication is enabled.

User cannot change password. This user cannot change their password. Used when 1C:Enterprise Authentication is enabled.

Show in List. User name should be included in the user selection list in the User Authentication dialog box when starting 1C:Enterprise.

Operating system authentication. User may be authenticated implicitly by operating system. To do so, a user must be mapped to a certain operating system user. If the specified operating system user is logged in when 1C:Enterprise is started, the mapped 1C:Enterprise user will be considered authenticated, and the 1C:Enterprise authentication dialog is not displayed. Use /WA+ command line option to force display of authentication dialog in this situation.

User. Operating system user name for authentication using operating system tools formatted as follows: \\domain_name\user_name. Operating system user can be entered explicitly or selecyed from domains and users visible to this computer.

OpenID authentication. User can be authenticated using pass-through authentication between various infobases and/or external resources.

A list of users of the OpenID provider infobase is used for authentication.

Data split tab

The tab is displayed if there is at least one shared attribute that is not used in this session and that has Data split property set to Split.

The tab displays checkboxes in compliance with such shared attributes. If the option is checked, the field to the right of the checkbox specifies separator value formatted as command line option Z (Zn for connection string).

"Other" tab

Contains the following properties:

Available Roles. List of the roles defined in this configuration. Roles available for the current user should be checked in the list.

Default Interface. Default interface of the current user may be selected from the interfaces defined in this configuration.

Language. Language and regional settings used by the current user.

Run Mode. Specifies 1C:Enterprise run mode for the current user. "Auto" means using the mode set in the configuration property Default Run Mode.

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