Layer Import Options

To import a layer into a geographical map specify the name the layer will bear in the map and select which data related to topological objects must be imported.

In order to import a series, mark it in the series list. You can also assign the series a name under which it will be placed in a layer, and a display type. For each series, its data type is displayed as a tooltip.

Topological objects comprising a layer in a geographical map have the property Value, which is designed to store an arbitrary value associated with the object that helps identify the object among similar ones. In the parameter window you can specify, if necessary, that the value of a specified series should be saved to the object's Value property. This function is performed by the Fill Value property of layer objectscheckbox and the Use series for this list field.

When you click the Import button, the layer will be imported into the geographical map along with the specified series.

If you click the Do not import button, only topographic objects of the layer will be imported into the geographical map.

If you click the Cancel button, the layer import will be canceled.

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