Getting Reference

1C:Enterprise user can get a reference to any section, report, data processor, and infobase object (such as a document or catalog item).

The obtained reference can be stored and used later for navigation. As references are text fragments, you can insert them into the infobase object attributes or send them to other users by e-mail or IM.

To get a reference, use the Tools – Get Reference menu command.

In the Reference field of the dialog box the system displays the reference to the current object (section).

Use the Copy button to copy the reference text to the clipboard.

Use the Add to Favorites button to include the reference to the favorites (if Saving user data is granted to the user).

If the "External" button is pressed, the reference will be converted for external use (for example, when you launch the web client you can provide the external reference to open the specified element).


Note: Getting references is not supported for standard functions (opened via "All Functions") so they cannot be added to Favorites.

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