Connecting to data source

The form is displayed upon connection to an external data source.

For connection you can either use user credentials (user name and password) or shared connection options defined in the process of external data source administration.

For users that have the right to change operating system authentication for the current session, the Use operating system authentication check box is displayed.

If the check box is selected, user authentication at the external source is performed using operating system authentication. 
The initial check box value is taken from the session connection parameters.
If the value is not specified in the connection parameters, it is taken from the user connection parameters. If the value is not specified there, too, it is taken from the common connection parameters. Finally, if the value is not specified in the common connection parameters, the check box is initially selected.
If access with operating system authentication is denied, an attempt to connect to the external data source using regular user authentication is performed.

For cases when regular user authentication is selected, operating system authentication is not used, or operating system authentication cannot be performed, in the User name box specify the user name (as it is recorded in the external source), and in the Password box specify the password.

To connect, click the Connect button. If the Remember check box is not selected, the User name and Password are only stored for the current session.

To use shared connection options, check Use general options (only visible to users with administrative privileges).

To edit shared options, click Administration – Change general options. This command opens the shared connection options.

To edit custom options, click Administration – Change custom options. This command opens user list form where you should select a user and click Edit... to open the custom options editing form.

Note: Shared options can only be administered by a user with administrator rights. Other users can only edit connection options for the current user.

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