Form Commands Editor

The Commands tab lists all the available commands: global configuration commands, metadata object's commands etc. The commands are added to the form by dragging and dropping them from the command editor to the structure editor. On the form the command will be displayed as a button or a menu item.

The Form Commands tab contains the form's commands, provided automatically or created by a developer. The list of the form's commands can be edited using the command bar commands.

The Global Commands tab lists the independent global commands (without a parameter, e.g. opening a form) and parameterized global commands with a parameter that displays commands with the same parameter type as the form attribute or a nested attribute type.

The list of independent global commands consists of subsystem commands grouped into main groups: Important, Regular, See Also and other.

The list of parameterized global commands consists of various commands provided by the object that is being edited (sets of commands may be different for objects of different types), by elements (depending on their types) that were placed on the form, by attributes, etc.

The editor supports configuring several commands at once by selecting multiple commands in the list. You can perform dragging, copying to the clipboard, deleting and editing for a selected group.

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