AccumulationRegisterManager.<Accumulation register name>.SetMinAndMaxTotalsPeriods


SetMinAndMaxTotalsPeriods(<MinimumPeriod>, <MaximumPeriod>)


<MinimumPeriod> (required)

Type: Date.
Beginning of the period from which to start calculating totals.

<MaximumPeriod> (required)

Type: Date.
End of the period for totals calculation.


Sets the interval at which totals are calculated. It influences the performance for obtaining balances and turnovers for the current register as well as the performance of scheduled operations such as database recovery.
During installation totals can be calculated for the new open periods.
The calculation interval is one month.


Server, thick client, external connection, Mobile application (server).


Makes sense only for the remainder registers.
If a configuration has enabled compatibility mode Version8_3_2 and lower, an exception is generated when the method is executed.


Registrs.Balance.SetMinAndMaxTotalsPeriod(MinDate, MaxDate);

See also:

AccumulationRegisterManager, method SetMinTotalsPeriod
AccumulationRegisterManager, method SetMaxTotalsPeriod


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