AccumulationRegisterManager.<Accumulation register name>.SetTotalsSplittingMode




<Flag> (required)

Type: Boolean.
Value of a flag of use of a divider of results.
If the flag is set to True, then totals split mechanism will be employed, providing a greater concurrence of writing to the registers. During concurrent writing of register records in several sessions the system will not update the same totals entries, but will write the totals changes into separate entries. During totals calculation these data are combined. Thus, both totals updating (e.g. for quick reporting) and concurrent writing of register records are supported. This mode requires additional resources (e.g., volume of data in totals tables is increased). The entries will multiply only in case of concurrent transactions. Their number for each combination of dimensions will depend on maximum number of concurrent transactions. During totals recalculation the cumulated separate entries will be combined.


Sets Totals splitter running flag.


Server, thick client, external connection, Mobile application (server).


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