GetForm(<FullNameOfTheFile>, <FormName>, <Owner>, <UniquenessKey>)


<FullNameOfTheFile> (required)

Type: String.
Path to the external report file.

<FormName> (optional)

Type: String; MetadataObject: Form.
Form name as specified in the designer.
If the parameter is not specified, the main form is used.

<Owner> (optional)

Type: Form.
A form that will be the owner of the opened form. If the parameter is not specified, the main form (according to the designer setting) is used.

<UniquenessKey> (optional)

Type: Arbitrary.
This parameter can be used to set a key with a value that will be used for searching forms that have already been opened. If a form has the same uniqueness key, the found form will be activated instead of a new form being opened.
If this parameter is not specified, the already opened form will be searched first.

Returned value:

Type: Form; ManagedForm; Undefined.
Undefined - if the form creation cancel flag is set in the OnCreateAtServer handler.


Obtains an external report form.


Thick client.


When external data processors operate in thick client you should consider, that when working in the managed application mode only managed forms can be opened, and when working in ordinary application mode - only ordinary forms.


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