Actions Panel

The Actions Panel contains the commands corresponding to the current section selected in the Sections panel. These commands are grouped under New, Reports, Tools, Information. The New group contains commands for creating new infobase objects, such as documents and catalog items. This group comprises the most frequently used commands for data entry since the other commands may be called from list forms. The Reports group contains commands for opening reports, and the Tools group contains commands for opening data processors.

If there is no command in a group, the group is not displayed. If the window is too small for displaying all commands in a group, a button will be displayed in the lower right area of the group to expand the list of the group's commands. Click on the button to display the list of all group commands. The commands not visible before the expansion are displayed at the bottom of the list following the separator.

If In separate windows mode is selected to open windows, the Actions Panel height is determined automatically (up to 3 lines of commands by default). You can resize the Actions Panel using a separator (displayed as three volumetric dots). The setting is saved for every section when the session ends.

If In tabs mode is selected to open windows, the Actions Panel height is not resized automatically for individual sections.

Left-click a command to open the auxiliary program window that contains, for example, a form of a new document, report, or data processor.

If the command order has not been specified, the commands in all Actions Panel groups are arranged alphabetically.

You can edit commands that appear on the Actions Panel and their order by selecting Actions Panel Setup from the context menu (right-click to open).

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