Administrative Software

1C in cooperation with its partners have developed and released a set of software solutions intended to automate financial and business activities management for educational institutions. These solutions are only available in CIS countries.

Comprehensive use of 1C solutions will make it possible to generate a united information environment of an educational institution, hence facilitating gathering, processing and analyzing information as well as information transfer from one management level to another.

For an individual educational institution 1C solutions make it possible to achieve the following goals:

  • Systematization of data on employees and students;
  • Automation of academic activities planning and management;
  • Management of administrative, financial and business activities;
  • Automation of library activities;
  • Catering accounting arrangement.

Solutions have been released to automate educational authorities activities.

The up-to-date information and detailed descriptions are available on the website: (in Russian).

The standard (basic) software package has been supplied to more than 56 thousand of educational institutions of the Russian Federation as part of the “Education” national priority program. This package includes the following 1C solutions:

  • 1C:School Management software package;
  • 1C:Enterprise 8. Training Version.

The contents of the package and its features are described in further details at: (in Russian).

A package of accounting automation software solutions was supplied to more than 2,400 of municipal educational authorities of the Russian Federation as part of the federal specific-purpose program of education development.

Further information on the centralized supplies of software is available in the press releases:

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