Launcher configuration file format

The file is located in the directory %APPDATA%\1C\1CEStart.

It contains the following data:

  • platform version that is started by default;
  • location of shared infobase lists;
  • list of directories containing installed software versions;
  • list of directories containing distribution kits;
  • shared configuration file location.

The file is a UTF-16LE-encoded text document that contains strings formatted as follows: <Option>=<Value>.

Option descriptions

DefaultVersion. The default platform version. Multiple strings with this option are allowed.

Example 1:

This string indicates that when an infobase is started with version 8.3 specified, version is used.

Example 2:

This string indicates that when an infobase is started with version 8.3.3 specified, version is used.

CommonInfoBases. Full path to the file containing the list of shared infobases.

InstalledLocation. 1C:Enterprise installation directory. The default value is C:\Program Files\1cv8.

DistributiveLocation. Directory that is searched for new platform versions during automatic updates.

CommonCfgLocation. Full path to a shared configuration file. Multiple lines with this option are allowed.

InstallComponents. The local configuration file (1CEStart.cfg) contains a list of installed components. A shared file for all users is located in the following directory: \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\1C\1CEStart.

The shared configuration file (1CESCmn.cfg) contains the list of components to be installed (the list is created by the system administrator).

It contains a string of space-separated components, each having a descriptor that shows whether it will be installed:

  • 0-do not install,
  • 1-install.

The following components are available:

  • DESIGNERALLCLIENTS. All clients and Designer.
  • THINCLIENT. Thin client for the client/server mode.
  • THINCLIENTFILE. Thin client with file infobase support.
  • SERVER. 1C:Enterprise server. If the installer is started by the launcher, the server is installed as an application.
  • WEBSERVEREXT. Web server extension components.
  • CONFREPOSSERVER. 1C:Enterprise configuration repository server.
  • SERVERCLIENT. Components for administering 1C:Enterprise server clusters.
  • CONVERTER77. Infobase converter from 1C:Enterprise version 7.7.
  • LANGUAGES. Comma-separated list of interface languages.
  • INTERNETSERVICE. The service URL in the following format: It specifies the resource for downloading the distribution kit and the list of infobases.



Option example:


The shared file for all users 1CEStart.cfg can include the same settings as individual user files. Interactive editing of the settings only changes the individual user files.

The installer records the InstalledLocation and InstallComponents options to All Users\Application Data\1C\1CEStart\1CEStart.cfg.

If the settings from the shared configuration file and the current user file are used and the option is included in both files:

The shared settings file has a higher priority for the following option:


The current user settings file has a higher priority for the following options:


The other options are merged.

ConfigurationTemplatesLocation. Path to the configuration template directory. Multiple strings with this option are allowed.

Options that are present both in the local configuration file and in the shared one are analyzed in the following order:

  • DefaultVersion and InstallComponents options: first as described in the local file, and then as described in the shared file.
  • InstalledLocation, DistributiveLocation, and CommonInfoBases options: first as described in the local file, and then as described in the shared file.
  • CommonCfgLocation options from the local file.
  • InstallComponents option is taken from the shared file (if available) and replaces the value in the local file. If it is omitted from the shared file, the value from the local file is used.

UseHwLicenses. Indicates whether the search for a local dongle is performed.

Option example:

UseHwLicenses=0 (the search for a dongle is not performed).

AppAutoInstallLastVersion. Indicates whether new application versions are installed automatically (1 = installed, 0 = not installed).

If the command-line option is specified explicitly, the priorities of configuration files are as follows (in descending order):

  • local configuration file 1CEStart.cfg;
  • configuration file in AllUsers;
  • shared configuration file 1CESCmn.cfg.

If automatic installation of new application versions is disabled, new versions are only installed when a version mismatch exception is generated with /AppAutoCheckVersion, or when the full 1C:Enterprise version number is specified for the infobase and this version is not installed.

Configuration file example:

InstalledLocation=C:\Program Files\1cv82
InstalledLocation=C:\Program Files\1cv8

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