Catalog Window

Opening Catalog

See Working with Catalogs topic

The catalog name is specified during configuration setting and may only be changed in configuration.

Appearance of the Catalog Window

In general, the catalog window consists of a table with a set of columns completely determined by the specific configuration. The columns may feature icons (a group or an item, catalog items and groups marked for deletion), catalog attributes and calculated values.

The list and arrangement of the attributes displayed in the catalog form may differ depending on operations.

For more detailed information, see Viewing Catalog topic.

New data entry

See Adding a New Item to the Catalog topic

Catalog Data View

Only a part of data is displayed in the catalog. To view and edit all the data, open a catalog item. For example, the Contractors catalog displays the description of contractors and their tax IDs; more detailed information may be viewed or defined in the catalog item, which may be opened via double-clicking or using the Enter key.

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