Editing Catalog Item

Depending on existing system settings, data of a catalog item can be edited in two ways: in the catalog form or directly in the catalog row.

Editing in a Row

To edit data directly in a row, double-click the required cell or press Enter - the cell will switch to edit mode.

If editing is performed in a catalog opened to select an item (for example, when adding data from the catalog to a document), you can switch a cell to edit mode using Action — Edit menu item or by pressing F2 key.

When editing an attribute, you can move to other cells in the row using Tab or Shift+Tab keys. To finish editing, press Enter.

To cancel editing an attribute, press Esc.

Editing in the catalog item window

To edit an item, locate the cursor in any cell in the row where an attribute you want to edit is contained, and press Enter or double-click any part of the row. This will open a catalog item form.

Editing “with Two Methods”

Where a catalog can be edited using “two methods” (in a row and in a form), the Actions menu also features Edit in Dialog item that is basically a switcher. When it is switched on, an item is edited in the catalog item form.

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