/DumpExternalDataProcessorOrReportToFiles <root dump file> <external report or data processor file> [-Format Plain|Hierarchical]

Dumps an external report or data processor to a set of files. The following parameters are available:

<root dump file>. Root file of the XML file structure for storing the external report or data processor dump.

<external report or data processor file>. External data processor file (.epf) or external report file (.erf).

Format. The dump format. The default value is Hierarchical.
               Hierarchical. Create a directory structure that matches the configuration object structure.
               Plain. Store all dump files in a single directory.

You can also specify the infobase connection string (for example, with the /IBName option). If the external data processor includes external links, they are resolved relative to the specified infobase. If the infobase is not specified, external links are not resolved.

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