/CreateDistributive <distribution kit directory> -File <distribution kit description file name>[-Option <distribution option>] [-MakeSetup] [-MakeFiles] [-digisign <license parameters file name>] 

Creates distribution kits and distribution kit files based on a distribution kit description.

You can use either the -MakeSetup or the -MakeFiles option. If these options are not specified, -MakeSetup is used (i.e. a distribution kit is created).
<distribution kit directory>. Distribution kit directory (or distribution kit files directory).
File <distribution kit description file>. Distribution kit description file.
Option <distribution option>. Create a distribution kit of the specified type (full or update). The default value is full.
MakeSetup. Create distribution kit.
MakeFiles. Create distribution kit files.
-digisign <license parameters file name>. License parameters for a user workstation.

Attention! If you specify a file with its full path, ensure that all of the directories that form the path exist.

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