/MergeCfg <CF file name> -Settings <settings file name> [-EnableSupport | -DisableSupport][-IncludeObjectsByUnresolvedRefs | -ClearUnresolvedRefs][-force]

Merges the current configuration with a file using a settings file. The following parameters are available:

Settings <settings file name>. The name of the file that contains the merge settings.

[-EnableSupport | -DisableSupport]. Support mode. 
       -EnableSupport. Enable support for the current configuration, if possible. The settings file must include the support rules.
       -DisableSupport. Disable support for the current configuration.

IncludeObjectsByUnresolvedRefs. If the settings include objects that are not in the list of objects to be merged and are not available in the main configuration, but they are referenced from the objects included in the list, include these objects in the list and attempt to resume the merging.

ClearUnresolvedRefs. Clear references to the objects that are not included in the list of objects to be merged.

force. Perform the merging regardless of the following warnings:

  • Any warnings related to applying the settings from the specified file
  • Objects to be deleted referenced from objects that are not included in the merging

If this parameter is not specified, any of the listed warnings cancel the merging.

Attention! If you specify a file with its full path, ensure that all of the directories that form the path exist.

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